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RP What?

Republic of the Philippines? Recreation & Play? RP, as in RP Events Team, is actually an abbreviation of RACPAR, which, in turn, is created from the first letters of the first names of the Manansala family—Rosebelita, Allan Carlo, Pamela Anne and Roberto.

After graduating from college and gaining experience in marketing and activations, Pam Manansala decided to set up her own events group. Because her dad’s company is called RACPAR Planners & Builders and her mom’s is called RACPAR Trading, she automatically thought of using the RACPAR label. On January 27, 2010, she registered the business name, RACPAR Events & Marketing Specialists, with the Department of Trade and Industry.

Our team, originally composed of Pam with friends, Marielle Ocampo, Ryan Roberts, Andrew Ricafort and Raymond Agustin—young and driven individuals immersed in the events and related industries, suited up and got down to business. Because we love parties—both attending them and organizing them—our immediate instinct was to mount one to showcase our creativity, flair and passion.

Start it off with a bang, as they say. Our first gig, a sponsorship initiative billed The Hottest Laser Light Party on the Island on April 10, 2010 in Boracay, sparked a series of fortunate events (pun intended!).

Work began to flood in and before we knew it, we were planning events left and right. In an incredibly short amount of time, our portfolio has ballooned to include club promotions, social, mall and corporate events, trade and car shows and other marketing efforts all over the country. Our roster of clients includes heavyweights such as IBM, Johnson & Johnson, AXN and even Universal Studios Singapore.

But people keep confusing RACPAR Events with the two other RACPAR businesses. Being true marketing communications specialists, we updated our brand and we are now known as RP Events Team.

So that’s the RP story. Three years in and it’s only the beginning.